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Nurmela's sheep farm is located southeast of Finland.

At the sheep farm with shepherd works also my husband, when he's able to help, his daily work is in IT -industry. We have son, who is still student in the basic school.

Our farm is breeding Oxford Down sheep's. Sheep's belongs to national production monitoring. With monitoring we can select best rams and ewes.

Our articles and products are meat, wool, yarn and hides. Sausages and smoked meats are worked up in a local meat manufacturing plant.

Fields are growing organic feed: fodder, silage and pasture grass.
Sheeps are not in a official organic sheep farming, but they eat organic feed.

Our haymaking time is between June and July. We ensilage between June and July and if possible the second on September.

Oat straws, feed peas and oats we purchase from another local organic farmers. Oat straws is used for bedding.

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